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Ablasshahn für 60 und 200 Liter Blechfässer

Discharge tap for 60 and 200 litre metal drums

For clean, safe and economical drawing from large containers.

  • 999101
Auslaufhahn für 200 Liter Kunststoffbehälter 3/4

Tap for 200 litre plastic container, 3/4"

For clean, safe and economical dispensing of large drums.

  • 999133


For clean, safe and economical dispensingfrom plastic canisters. All compatible with reducer for tap (999175).

  • for 5 l canisters
  • for 10/30 l canisters
  • for 60 l canisters
  • 999032
  • 999131
  • 999132
Reduzierstück für Auslaufhahn

Reducer for drain tap

For filling 1 litre bottles, spray bottles, etc.

  • 999175
Kanisteröffner Dreifachschlüssel

Canister opener double blade

Practical canister opener for easy opening of 5, 10 and 30 litre canisters.

  • 999094