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The KC refresher is a component of an innovative system for sustainable odour elimination without depleting the ozone layer. By hot spraying the KC-Refresher fluid, the device creates steam in the vehicle interior, the drops of which are so small that they waft through the vehicle interior and create a thick mist. This mist permeates into the corners of the interior and, in particular, into the ventilation system and the air conditioning evaporator and thus removes even the strongest of odours. Application only takes approx. 20 minutes. Can also be used in other areas such as in buildings. Due to the combination of substances and the hot spraying, application is not sensitive to temperature or humidity. The vehicle can be used shortly after application.

  • 999525
Makita Rotationsexzenter PO5000C

Makita dual action random orbit machine polisher PO5000C

The powerful, extremely smooth-running eccentric polisher with constant electronic speed control for consistent speed even at high loads. Can be set at either pure eccentric motion (for finishing and sanding) or eccentric motion with forced rotation (for permanent hologram removal). The Makita PO5000C not only has a soft-start function in both operating modes, but also vibration dampening and a switch lock, making it even more pleasant to use. The mounted sanding plate has grooves, which makes it easier to change pads and thereby increases the lifespan of the Velcro fastener. Idle speed: 0 - 6,800 rpm. Stroke: 5.5 mm. Eccentric speed: 0 - 780 rpm. Power consumption: 900 W. Weight: 2.8kg. Sanding plate diameter: 125 mm.

  • 999167
Mittlere Flex PE 14-2 150

Medium Flex PE 14-2 150

Powerful handy Flex rotary polisher (without disc) with perfect cooling for the highest loads. With soft starting, infinitely adjustable. Speed: 380-2100 rpm. Power consumption: 1400 Watt. Weight: 2.3 kg. Adapter thread: M14. Polishing pad diameter: max. 200 mm.

  • 999149
Kleine Flex PE 14-3 125

Small Flex PE 14-3 125

Lightweight handy Flex rotary polisher (without backing plate) for working in smaller areas (not for permanent use). Without slow start, infinitely adjustable. Speed: from 1100-3700 rpm. Power consumption: 1400 Watt. Weight: 2.2 kg. Adapter thread: M14. Polishing pad diameter: max. 135 mm.

  • 999020
Compressed air technology
Cyclone Z-010

Cyclone Z-010

The perfect compressed air tool for cleaning difficult to access areas such as ventilation air vent ducts, seat rails, gear-lever cuffs, door rebates, etc., as well as for removing stubborn dirt from plastics and textiles (foot mats, convertible fabric tops, etc.). Also ideally suited for quick cleaning of polishing pads. The cyclone effect in combination with the cleaning solution removes dust particles with extremely great force from the surfaces that are to be cleaned. The required effort is considerably reduced. If the chemical supply is switched off (just switch the lever over) the cyclone is also eminently suitable for the quick removal of dust and for drying cleaned surfaces. Recommended products for cleaning: Mehrzweckreiniger (Mzr), Green Star (Gs). Application of engine conserver: Motorplast (Mp). Compressed air connection: 1/4". Max. working pressure: 9.2 bar. Air consumption: approx. 250 l /min. Do not fill with flammable liquids.

  • 999021
Exzenterschleifer Druckluft, 152 mm

Eccentric sander compressed air, 152 mm

High qulaity, extremely light, low-noise and low-vibration eccentric sander with dust extraction and 152 mm (6") Velcro® driver pad. In combination with the black finish polishing pad (999292) optimal for effective working with our paint sealants. Idle speed: 10.000 rpm. Stroke: 5 mm Weight: 0.8 kg. Compressed air: 6.3 bar. Compressed air connection: 1/4".

  • 999135

Mini compressed air polisher set

Polisher set for eliminating scratches, dust particles and other paintwork defects. The set consists of:
1 x mini compressed air polisher with 75 mm disc, rotary (not orbital) rpm: 3.200, working pressure: 6.0 bar
1 x lambswool pad, Ø 80 mm (999274)
1 x antihologram pad, orange, rounded, Ø 80 x 30 mm (999277)
1 x polishing pad, yellow, medium hard, Ø 80 x 30 mm (999276)
1 x polishing pad, white, hard, Ø 80 x 30 mm (999275)
1 x block for micro sanding stickers (999319)
1 x micro sanding stickers P2500, 1 sheet of 10 (999318)
1 x microfibre terry cloth 40x40 cm, blue (999066)

  • 999320
Arbeitsleuchte Multimatch akkubetrieben

Work lamp Multimatch battery run

Strong, battery operated, LED work light for painting, polishing, cleaning and preparation work. Due to the special LED, which has a high CRI value, is perfect for colour matching during painting. Ideal for displaying holograms (after polishing processes) and to improve the polishing quality (reduce expensive reworking). Very long lasting LED. Dust and waterproof (IP67). The work lamp Multimatch can be used both with the charging cable attached, and wirelessly with battery (up to 6 hours). 2.14 kg.

  • 220 x 235 x 75 mm
  • 999518
Arbeitsleuchte KC Light 36

Work lamp KC Light 36

36 Watt work lamp for perfect illumination of the vehicle interior. The ends of the holders are fitted with rubber and flexible joints and can be adapted to different vehicle shapes. With a fixer for setting the length. Overall length of lamp: 1.56 m. Extension length of bracket: from 1.10 to 1.80 m. Cable length: 5 m.

  • 999310