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Novarc acquired shares

Announcement regarding Shareholder Structure of Koch-Chemie GmbH

Dear valued customer

As longstanding and loyal customer of Koch-Chemie, we would like to inform you about a change in the shareholder relations of Koch-Chemie GmbH.

In June 2017, the Novarc Group acquired Axel and Leoni Koch`s shares in Koch-Chemie GmbH. We, Axel and Leoni Koch will continue to operate as Managing Directors at least until 31st December 2017. Following this, we will continue at Koch-Chemie at a strategic level in order to further accelerate the high rate of growth achieved in the last few years together with the Novarc Group.

Novarc is a French family business founded in 1993, comprising 40 companies and around 730 employees, and with its headquarters in Malataverne. The group is an international partner for clients in the automotive and electrical industries. The Automotive and Industry division produces and distributes cleaning, care and service products to the entire automotive sector. The Electric division produces and distributes tools and safety equipment for electrical work for high and medium voltage facilities, as well as electric vehicles. The group has charted strong international growth for many years.

Each of the 40 companies has its own independent structure and identity, yet also profits from the synergy within the group. This shall also apply to Koch-Chemie; the brands and contact persons will remain unchanged for our clients and partners. Despite the autonomy of the individual companies, strong solidarity links us with our partner companies, shaped by common goals and ethical values, as well as friendly and fair cooperation.

We are convinced that the integration of Koch-Chemie in a bigger, European and worldwide oriented company group offers big advantages for all parties. We see the key to success in an intra-European cooperation, both political and economic. The common use of networks and know-how in products, purchasing and sales as well as the intercultural exchange offer big innovation opportunities.

To promote the expansion of Koch-Chemie, large investments into the company headquarters in Unna, Germany will be undertaken through the next couple of years. Already, a new property for the expansion of production facilities, storage space and office buildings have been acquired. The inauguration is planned for 2019. To accomplish strong growth, highly-qualified employees are in the process of being scouted. By 2020, more than 20 new employees are planned to join the departments of Research and Development, Marketing, Administration, Production, and Logistics at the Unna location. The entire Koch-Chemie team is looking forward to a mutually successful future as part of the Novarc group.

We would like to thank you for the excellent and cooperative partnership and we are glad to continue the same in the future. We assure that you can look forward to the usual high quality of products and services in the future, as well as interesting innovations in the future, based on the research & development of Koch-Chemie and the product portfolios of our partner companies.

Yours sincerely
Koch-Chemie GmbH

Leoni Koch                            Axel Koch
Managing Director                Managing Director